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Creation Date: September 2012

Current State: Completed

​Disclaimer: The default song included is not mine.  I DO NOT OWN GANGNAM STYLE and am in no way affiliated with PSY. Support the song's artist! It's a great song!


For my OpenGL class I was required to create a project which uses OpenGL. Aside from having to use OpenGL, we had two requirements:

It had to be creative.

My teacher had to like the project.


My program can supports ANY .wav or .mp3 file, just put the song in the same folder as the .exe, and change the text to your name

  NOTE: Don't forget to put .wav or .mp3
  ALSO NOTE: If no song is given, there is a default song

My project is meant to take in a song and analyze its sound spectrum based on frequencies. With this project, I hoped to get better working with frequencies, as well as to make something that is both fun and visually appealing.

To add some "spark" to the project, I added in a couple of special shader effects. I had created a depth map shader that outputs an image with pixel values from 0 -> 1 based on its distance from the camera.

With this, I was able to add more really cool effects such as [cheap] Depth of Field Blurring.
I also added in some fog to further develop the dance floor! Makes things transition nicely if I do say so myself.

To add some uniqueness, the amplifiers (floating platforms), are in random locations, as well as have different colors.

The amplifier rings pulsate based on some of the lower type frequencies. (as well as the speakers located on the tower)

Orbiting  around the tower, are "Power Cells," which based on amounts of noise intake, either pushes them away from the tower, pulls them towards the tower, on makes them rotate faster around the tower.

The Musical Notes on the tower is a second texture that, based on different sounds, trigger them to move fast/slower around the tower.

Lastly, no OpenGL Musical project that plays the Gangnam Style song by default would be complete without dancing Gangnam Men, which based on speeds, do a part of the actual dance!

Current Status

This is the final version of OpenGL-Style. 


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