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Creation Date: May 2012

Current State: Completed

​Disclaimer: The songs included are not mine.  I DO NOT OWN HENCHMAN RIDE nor Theme From Jets N Guns and am in no way affiliated with Testament nor Machine Supremacy. Please support the song's artists!


My friends and I had what we called Codeoffs, which was where we reserved a couple of days to hang out and program, usually for 24 straight hours. The point of these Codeoffs were to build teamwork skills, practice programming games, and to see what we could make in the allotted time.

Black0ut is a game I made during one of these Codeoff's by myself which I was happy with. I personally love games that integrate with your music library and Black0ut did just that.


In Black0ut, you play as a dancing stick figure, and depending on your gametype, your goal is to survive the waves of ghosts coming form both sides. Different types of ghosts skawn based on different sound frequencies passed in from the audio, as well as adding a twist to the audio. Based on how much sound the audio is giving off, the room's brightness is effected.

Normal: Survive the duration of the song without losing all your health.

Defense: Defend the speaker using your attacks as well as utilizing defensive elements.

Current Status

This is the final version of Black0ut.  It was intended to be a 24 hour developed game, and to research FMOD.


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