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Ever since I was young, I've loved video games, and the thought of being able to create my imagination through video games is surreal. I'm glad that I've been given the opportunity to follow my dreams and create something great.

About Myself

I'm a software engineer that has a love and a passion for making awesome software and video games. No matter what genre it is, no matter how much time it takes, and no matter how much hard work it is, as long as my creation makes others happy, I'm glad I was given the opportunity to make that difference. To me, making something that changes one's emotions in a positive way is the greatest feeling anyone can ask for, and when someone picks up a game I made and says "This game's super awesome! Where can I get a copy,"  I can never be more happy.

As a programmer and inspired game developer, I try to come up with new ideas, and then try to make those ideas come to life. If I ever want to add a new idea that seems nearly impossible, I'm going to try my hardest to make that idea come to life. There's no reward in not trying, and you'll only learn from what you attempt to achieve!

Everi: Platform Engineer
(May 2017 - Present)

 - Developed the in-hour slot game engine with both on-site and remote teammates

 - Designed, planned and developed entirely new features which were used directly by the game developers. These features required coordination with game developers, ensuring the feature met the request the first time around.

 - Create a slew of optimizations across the platforms, such as getting startup times from 2m all the way to nearly 20s in extreme cases.

iNightGaming: Owner, Programmer, Artist
(Mar 2017 - Present)

 - Started as an idea, now turned into a full-fledged professional-grade production. Started iNightGaming for SwipeScape, and am now working towards the official release.

 - Created from the ground up. Designed the entire game, including game loop, user interaction, social interaction and monetization. Constructed all of the art in the game, which consists mostly of pixel art. Programmed the entire front-end and have heavily designed and contributed to the entire back-end.

Shiver Entertainment: Software Engineer
( Dec 2013 - Feb 2017 )

  - Improved, expanded and managed the in-house game editor.

  - Worked on a game called Beast Vs. Bots, which is a mobile real-time strategy game.

  - Implemented many game specific features which spanned the client, server and infrastructure portions of the game.


Programming Languages:










     (Minor) UnrealScript


     DirectX 9.0



     3DS Max    



     DirectSound 8.0



     Raw input




     Visual Studio 2010-2019

     Unity Engine (6 years)



     Dev Kit Pro

     FX Composer 2.5







     UML Paradigm

     Intel Parallel Inspector

     Intel Parallel Amplifier

     Unreal Development Kit (4 years)

     Maya 2012

     Maya 2013

     3ds Max 2012

     3ds Max 2013

     Adobe Photoshop


     FL Studio


- Bachelor of Science Degree - Full Sail University ( 2011 - 2013 )
- North Ridgeville High School ( 2007 - 2011 )

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