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The Game Where You Can't Jump

Creation Date: June 2012

Current State: Completed


For my SGD (Structures of Game Design) class we were taught how games are usually structured, and for the last two weeks of the class, I was required to create a game, checking off tasks on a task list. In the class, a 2D game is expected, however I wanted to try and make my first ever 3D game, and with only 1 month of 3D API experience (DirectX) I was able to put together a game. Another goal I wanted to go for was being one of the few students in the class to create a game which included online gameplay. Without any networking experience, I was able to learn and implement the RakNet API into my project, and my goal was achieved. The game also includes some simple shader effects, a fully functional map editor, and a camera that has two different angles used to see around corners.

TGWYCJ is a simple 3rd person shooter where you play as a soul, and your objective is to simply get more kills than the other souls. Shoot you way through 4 different soul types, as well as play around with the dynamic map editor and create your own fun maps.


Get the most kills out of all the other Souls in the game.

W - Move Forward
A | D - Strafe left | Strafe Right
Left Mouse Button - Fire Weapon
R - Reload

Z - Toggle Camera Angle

Q - Toggle Weapon

Left Shift - Run
Escape - Pause
LALT + ENTER - Toggle Fullscreen

Press Enter to continue


Current Status

TGWYCJ is complete, it was primarily made to give me experience making a 3D game as well as step my foot into the world of networking. 


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