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Creation Date: December 2012

Current State: Halted


My entry in the Indie Speed Run of 2012, where a team of up to four people make a game from start to finish within 48 hours, and were given a theme and an element they had to include in their game. Afterwards, the games were judged by notable judges Ron Gilbert, Markus Persson, Trent Oster, Jason Rohrer, Vander Caballero, Kellee Santiago, Dina Patti and Ben Croshaw. By myself, I made Chunk from start to finish, using my personal engine I've been developing as well as creating the art assets.

The people of Chunka-Burry are facing a deadly horde of flesh eating zombies and it‘s up to you, the righteous Mayor of Chunka-Burry, to take action for your town and save it‘s people.

Zombies will spawn on both the left and right side of the map, will focus on heading straight for the city. Where zombies go, the land will slowly die away with every couple of zombie steps. Zombies will not attack you, so don‘t be afraid to get close. You get 30 seconds to setup


Your goal is to defeat all the zombies and to keep your city from falling under the map!

W - Jump
A | D - Move left | Move Right
Arrow Keys - Shoot
R - Unstuck (Has 15 second cooldown)
1-4 - Choose Weapon
(Machine Gun, Shotgun, Rocket, Anti-Ground)
LALT + ENTER - Toggle Fullscreen

Press Enter to continue


Current Status

Currently the game is halted due to my final project for school. I plan on continuing the process in the near future, adding more features and optimizations.


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