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Way of the Blade

Creation Date: February 2013- June 2013

Current State: Complete

​Note: I am not the only person that created Way of the Blade. Other members include:

Robert Dotson

Michael Hicks

Jonathan Loftin

Mason Miller

Jeffrey Sventora


As a final test of my creative and teamwork skills, and my knowledge of C++ programming, I worked with a team of five other individuals on a five month project. For this project, we put all our ideas and creativity together to design one final, fleshed out game, and then afterwards we then develop the game from start to finish and then present the game in front of a large crowd. Way of the Blade is my Final Project for my Full Sail career.

Throughout the development process, I took on multiple roles in the creation of the game, and was voted lead programmer for our team. I also created systems, such as the skinned animation's system, our "Dojo" system, which includes a full clothing system for your character, the camera system, the model management and mesh system. I also worked on systems such as the GUI, (Graphical User Interface) in-game effects, a lot of balancing gameplay, the input and user feedback throughout the menus, and worked on creating a rendering structure and effects for both a forward and deferred renderer.  As lead programmer, I also make sure the team stays on task, cooperates well with each other, and tasks get done within given deadlines, as well make sure that the quality code base and features for the player are up to certain standards.



Way of the Blade is a 2.5D Fighter/hack-n-slash where every move has a great consequence. Read your enemy to overcome your way through multiple feudal Japanese characters. The greatest insperation for Way of the Blade was a PS1 title known as Bushido Blade!


In Way of the Blade you must defeat your oppenent using Rock, Paper, Scissors tactics. There are three main attacks, and an appropriate defense to each one.
Parry can be used as a quick defense to any attack, but it's a safe counter that doesn't give you much of an advantage.
Attacks can be cancelled to trick your opponent into attacking.


Player 1
  A / D   ----- Move Left / Move Right
  W   ----- Sidestep
  S   ----- Duck
  J   ----- Horizontal Attack
  K   ----- Thrust Attack
  L   ----- Diagonal Attack
  Double-tap A ---- Backstep
  H   ----- Cancel
  I   ----- Parry
  N   ----- Kick

Player 2
  LArrow/RArrow --- Move Left / Move Right
  UArrow  ----- Sidestep
  DArrow  ----- Duck
  Numpad 1 ----- Horizontal Attack
  Numpad 2 ----- Thrust Attack
  Numpad 3 ----- Diagonal Attack
  Double-tap RArrow ---- Backstep
  Numpad 4 ----- Cancel
  Numpad 5 ----- Parry
  Numpad 6 ----- Kick
  DPAD / LAnalog ( Left / Right ) ----- Move Left / Move Right
  DPAD / LAnalog ( Up )   ----- Sidestep
  DPAD / LAnalog ( Down )   ----- Duck
  X Button      ----- Horizontal Attack
  A Button      ----- Thrust Attack
  Y Button      ----- Diagonal Attack
  Double-tap DPAD / LAnalog ( Backwards ) ---- Backstep
  Left Bumper    ---- Parry
  Right Bumper    ---- Cancel


Current Status

The game is now completed.


To download or watch a video of Way of the Blade, go here.


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