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8-Bit Bros

Creation Date: Dec 2016- Dec 2016

Current State: "Jam" Complete



8-Bit Bros is a game that I programmed as a personal week-long jam, which was developed in Unity. The game design and art was developed by the community of one of my favorite live-streamers, 8_Bit_Video_Games. I did all the programming.

In 8-Bit Bros, you play as either Chris or Tommy in this round-based platformer. As of right now, there are 3 modes, collect the most score, kill the most enemies, and reach the end of the dungeon. All "levels" are generated using user-created room templates, making no dungeon the same. A lot of the elements in the game are based around references to the 8_Bit_Video_Games stream.

The game will default to single player, unless you have two controllers connected. The controller which can navigate the menus is the "Chris" character, and the other being "Tommy."

Current Status

This game was only a week-long personal jam, and is now deemed as completed. The game is available given the link to my page, and it completely free. The game can be played in browser and/or downloaded by clicking the button below.

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