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Infinite Bounty

Creation Date:  June 2012 - August 2012

Current State: Halted

​Note: I am not the only person that worked on Infinite Bounty. Other members include:

Michael Hicks

Payne Pennington

Evan Wright


For SGP (Structures of Game Production)  class, myself, as well as 3 other individuals, had to create a game from the ground up. We had to work as a team to create a fully made design document, our core engines which were a particle engine, animation engine and world engine, and then create the game itself. For the game, I created the menus, the particle engine, the sound manager, all file compression and management, video playback, the mod system, the camera, a lot of the girlfriend system, some of the combat, some of the weapon system, and a lot of working with other team members to make sure the game was the way we wanted it when the turn-in was approaching.

Everyone's heard the tale of the heroes adventure, but what happens after the heroes journey?

Meet Chain, a cool guy, who has been on that adventure and came out victorious.
Now he is dating the princess and is a wealthy business owner. But after a few years of happiness,
someone is ruining his life. His company goes bankrupt and his girlfriend leaves him for another man.
Now he's on a quest to gain his money and his woman back!


Complete bounties to gain more money and be reunited with the princess.

W | A | D | S - Move Up | Move left | Move Right | Move Down
Arrow Keys - Attack in Arrow Direction
E - Interact in House

Shift - Toggle Weapon
LALT + ENTER - Toggle Fullscreen

Press Enter to confirm


Current Status

Currently the game is halted due to the another team member and I waiting for future time to overhaul the gameplay and add addition features. Updates on the continuation of Infinite Bounty will be seen in the near future.


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